Social Enterprise

Launched in April 2014, Working Together Social Enterprises – Bread Works, Green Works and the Whistle-stop Café provide training and work experience opportunities for adults with learning disabilities throughout the Scottish Borders. They have attracted a lot of interest from individuals with learning disabilities who are keen to learn and gain experience towards finding a job.

Mandy Lowrie, Working Together Manager said: “We have been delighted with the enthusiasm shown by individuals who have taken up training placements in the enterprises and with the positive response of customers to the products and services offered by Bread Works, Green Works and now also the Whistle-stop Café. “

Trainees apply to their chosen enterprises and after an informal interview are invited to undertake a taster session. This enables individuals to see if the programme is suitable for their needs and allows staff to see if we can assist the person to develop their skills to gain the knowledge required to progress into employment. If the taster session is successful, the person begins a more specific training programme during which as well as the day to day skills required in each enterprise, they will gain valuable knowledge around behaviour in the work place as well as working independently and as part of a team.

We work alongside Borders College to delivers skills accreditation and develop portfolios. Once training is completed and we feel the person is ready, we link up with local Job seeking services that provide assistance to the person to move into work. This includes job searching. support with applications and interviews etc.

Green Works is a gardening and woodwork service operating in the central borders area …… read more….. 




Bread Works is an artisan bakery providing hand made breads …….. read more…..   


Whistle-stop Café based in Tweedbank close to the Borders Railway provides teas coffees and light lunches …read more…