Self Directed Support

About Self Directed Support (SDS)

Self-directed Support (also known as SDS) is the new way of receiving your support. In the past your local Council would have arranged your support package for you, but SDS means the Council should now work with you to help find the type of support you want and which best fits with your life.

SDS lets you arrange and manage your support yourself – giving you more choice, flexibility, and control.
SDS is for anyone whom the Council agrees is eligible to receive support. To find this out, the Council will arrange for a Social Worker or Care Manager to carry out an assessment of your care and support needs. The assessment will help to find out what you need to keep healthy and safe, and also what matters most to you in your life. This is called discussing your personal outcomes.
Following the assessment the Council will tell you how much money it can give you to begin planning the support you need. This is called your Personal Budget. There are 4 different ways you can manage your budget and your support. These are known as Options:
Option 1: is called a Direct Payment. You are given your personal budget to arrange and manage your support yourself, and you can buy services from an organisation like ourselves or you can employ your own carers.
Option 2: is called an Individual Service Fund. You can choose to have your support managed by an organisation like ourselves. Your money will be held on your behalf by either the Council or the organisation, but you choose what it is used for.
Option 3: is called the Social Work Managed option. You ask your Social Worker or Care Manager to arrange and pay for your support.
Option 4: is a Mixture of all the Options. You can choose some parts of your support, and leave other parts to the Council. You can do this by mixing Options 1, 2, and 3.

Brothers of Charity Services (Scotland) have a long history of taking a person-centred approach to our work, respecting and promoting people’s right to participate in society. We are therefore fully committed to the principles of SDS, and we will work in partnership with you to give you the right support to help achieve your personal outcomes under any of the 4 options of your choice.

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