February 8, 2019

Latest Care Inspections

The Care Inspectorate has recently undertaken inspections of our Care Home – Garden Villa and our two Supported Living Services Together Borders Area 2 and Area 3. The themes covered, and Grades awarded, for the Care Home inspection were:

Quality of Care & Support:  4 = Good

Quality of Management & Leadership:  4 = Good

It was encouraging to note the Inspection Report did not highlight any Requirements for improvement. Among the things which it was recognised that the service does well were: that people continue to be well supported to meet their needs and to live happy, healthy lives; and it was clear people had good, trusting relationships with staff and that they were genuinely cared for in a kind, caring, and sensitive way.

The Report did make one Recommendation: that the service should develop a clear and auditable procedure for recording, monitoring, and evaluating explained and unexplained bruising.

In addition, the following area for improvement were also identified: a more formal approach to support plan audits to ensure they are up to date; a more formal review of people’s needs prior to their respite stays; dependency assessments to be updated when people with complex health needs are receiving respite care to ensure adequate staffing levels.

Quality of Care & Support and Quality of Management & Leadership were also the themes covered within the Supported Living Services inspections and Grades awarded within both Areas, were:

Quality of Care & Support:  5 = Very Good

Quality of Management & Leadership:  5 = Very Good

It was encouraging to read the positive comments within these respective Reports and to learn that neither Report contained any Recommendations or Requirements. Both services were described as demonstrating major strengths in supporting positive experiences and outcomes for people which were of a high quality to enhance their lives.

The Area 2 Report highlighted the following as possible areas for improvement: audits not being undertaken timeously; develop a specific audit tool for support plans; support plans to have clearer information in relation to medication needs.

The Area 3 Report highlighted the following possible areas for improvement: more robust information in relation to medication within support plans; the reasons for any restrictions placed on a service user to be evident within their support plan; where new staff are supporting people prior to completing mandatory training, the service needs to consider the potential risk this may cause.

All of the identified areas of improvement across all 3 Service Areas above will now be addressed and monitored by the Senior Management Team via our Care Inspection Action Planning Tracker.                                                                                                                                      Image result for Care inspectorate logo