Mission Statement

Our vision: A society where everyone belongs and is valued for who they are.

Our Mission:To support people to lead their own life and achieve their dreams and goals

Our Aims:

  • Valued as a person – always everything we do us based on respect for the person we support
  • Living life to the full – we support people in their everyday life, as all stages of life. We respect people’s skills, interest, choices and personal beliefs.  We will check with the person that support is making a positive difference. 
  • Valuing community – we help people be part of their community and to be actively involved. We support, where needed, communities to involve the person fully.  We make a positive contribution in local communities.
  • Getting it right – we spend time getting to know each person and how they would like to be supported. We respect and work in partnership with family carers.  We check with the person that they are getting a high quality service.  We support people when things are changing.  We are open about our work.
  • Valuing and supporting staff – Everyone is valued and respected. The organisation listens to and involves staff in its work and planning.  Everyone is supported to gain – and keep up to date – knowledge and skills to do their job well.
  • Learning together – We will listen to what people and their families want and need for the future. We will share our ideas and learning to help this happen.

Our mission reflects the Brothers of Charity core ethos and its seven defining characteristics:

  1. Opting to address the support needs of the most marginalised people in society
  2. Ensuring best current practice in the services we provide
  3. Striving for the highest possible human dignity in our services
  4. Valuing personnel and their expertise highly
  5. Having an enterprising approach to the organisation and structure of services
  6. Seeking to function within local social frameworks and to be recognised by the relevant authorities
  7. Finding final motivation in the Christian gospel – working with all people of good will to build a better world.

Mission Statement