Involvement & Quality

Brothers of Charity Services (Scotland) are fully committed to ensuring that involvement and participation are central to all our work, and that we are open and honest about the quality of the services which we provide. We have an Involvement policy which describes how we encourage people who receive support, and their families/carers and others, to tell us what they think about the quality of service we provide, to be involved in saying how services should be planned, delivered and reviewed, and to help the organisation plan for the future. An important forum for this is our Checking It Out group which meets six times a year, where service users are consulted and give their views on matters which are important to them.

The organisation has signed up to the Charter for Involvement which was produced by members of the National Involvement Network (NIN), and which identifies how people want to be involved in services, with the organisations who provide their support, and in the wider community.



The Care Inspectorate inspects our services on a regular basis and measures the quality of the care and support we provide by auditing key requirements, undertaking visits, interviewing staff and the people who use the services, and obtaining feedback from other stakeholders. People can also get involved in this process through pre-inspection questionnaires, or by providing feedback for inclusion in the service’s self-assessment. Please click on the following link to access the latest Care Inspectorate Reports for each of our services:

Care Inspectorate Report – Garden Villa Care Home

Care Inspectorate Report  – Supported Living Together Borders Area 2

Care Inspectorate Report – Supported Living Together Borders Area 3

Our Duty of Candour Report for the year 2020-2021 can be downloaded here. 

Further external validation of quality can be evidenced by the organisation achieving Investors in People Silver Award in 2017, and in achieving the EFQM Committed to Excellence Award in 2015 and again in 2018 when Quality Scotland highlighted in their Report that “there is a clear culture of continuous improvement within the organisation”. Both of these achievements evidence our ongoing commitment to delivering the highest quality of services.