About Us

Brothers of Charity Services (Scotland)

We have a long tradition of care and a modern outlook, constantly looking to improve and develop the support we offer.  The organisation was established in the Scottish Borders in 1955 but its origins are much older, having been founded in Belgium in 1807.  As an international organisation, Brothers of Charity draws on varied expertise and provides support in over twenty countries around the world.  We are a Christian organisation which supports people from all faith communities as well as those with no religious beliefs.

The organisation’s headquarters in Scotland are located in the central Borders town of Galashiels, at Triest House, named after the organisation’s founder, Canon Peter Joseph Triest.  This houses our central administrative services, training facilities, meeting rooms and office accommodation for some of our services.

We are a major provider of support in the Scottish Borders and seek to work actively in partnership with individuals, families, local communities and statutory and voluntary agencies to meet the needs of people living in the Borders.

The organisation is a registered charity in Scotland and a company limited by guarantee.  All of our services are registered with the Care Inspectorate .

In all services the focus is centred on the person and their unique abilities, needs, interests and aspirations.

Involving the person fully in everything that affects or concerns them is a key objective of our work.